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Emulation is a viable option providing researchers and developers with the ability to bridge the gap between simulation and field testing in a practical, scalable and realistic environment.

With emulation, you guarantee a continuous execution of software validation tests throughout your product development lifecycle. This will notably decrease your defect detection and resolution time by providing early insight into the correctness and effectiveness of your wireless solutions.


Our engineers are behind the design and development of the Extendable Mobile Ad–hoc Network Emulator (EMANE) framework. EMANE provides a highly extensible wireless protocol and application test environment. EMANE uses pluggable physical layer models to account for signal propagation, antenna profile effects and interference sources in order to provide a realistic environment for wireless network stack development. Individual radio models are used to emulate the lowest layers of a radio waveform and can be customized to your specific wireless technology.

The EMANE framework allows software and system engineers to execute realtime multi–node test scenarios using commercial off the shelf multi-core processor technology. Larger more complex scenarios are executed across multiple servers interconnected over your network using EMANE's distributed emulation capability.

EMANE is used by Industry, Academia and the Department of Defense to enable a wide range of experimentation. Experimentation topics include routing protocol and exit gateway development, cyber research, reliable realtime MANET application services such as voice and video and performance analysis of tactical radio waveforms.

We have over a decade of experience designing and developing mission critical Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems. EMANE is a natural evolution of the various testing mechanisms used over time to facilitate integration of DSP and FPGA modem hardware with network stacks executing on general purpose processors running embedded Linux or some other proprietary RTOS.

We can help you integrate EMANE into your development and test environment allowing you to focus on your specific wireless domain products, saving you time and money. We also develop custom radio models for both existing and experimental radio waveforms, as well as provide customized EMANE user and developer training classes.


With sponsorship from the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and the Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC), Adjacent Link developed and maintains EMANE ports of the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) and Wideband Networking Waveform (WNW). These ports use shared code emulation within EMANE to run actual radio waveform instances connected via EMANE's physical layer framework.

We can help port your existing radio waveforms to EMANE by providing your engineering staff with guidance and support or we can take the lead, enabling your engineers to focus on waveform specifics and leaving the rest to us.


EMANE is an open source project initially sponsored by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) under the OSD Network Communication Capability Program (NCCP) and in cooperation with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) HighPerformance Computing Mobile Network Modeling Institute (HPC MNMI) effort.


EMANE is hosted on GitHub.